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Dual Enrollment



Oakland FlexTech High School Dual Enrollment Policy


What is Dual Enrollment?


Dual Enrollment is a unique opportunity for students to get a head start on their college coursework while earning high school credit at the same time. Qualifying students are able to enroll in college classes at a local community college or university. Any credits completed at the college level will count towards college credit as well as high school credit.


Qualifying Students


Students in grades 11 and 12 who meet these minimum qualifications and possess the qualities and characteristics found below, as determined by their teachers and counselor, are eligible to Dual Enroll. 


Minimum Dual Enrollment Qualifications:

  • On-Track for grade-level with high school credits earned to date
  • Attendance is in good standing
  • 3.0 GPA


Qualities and Characteristics of Dual-Enrolled Students:

  • Responsible
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Ask Questions As Needed
  • Take Initiative
  • Organized
  • Willing to Put in Hard Work
  • Goal-Oriented


Eligibility can be re-visited at any time as students move through high school. 


Important Scheduling Information for Fall 2023:


12th Grade Schedules

Seniors should not schedule classes on Mondays and Wednesday to allow for enrollment in required FlexTech courses.  Seniors should look for dual enrollment classes that are on Tuesday, Thursday,  and Fridays, after school or online.  Some seniors may be eligible to enroll in classes that are Tuesday and Thursdays afternoons, but must obtain approval prior to enrollment. 


Eligible Courses


Students can take a maximum of 8 total Dual Enrollment courses during high school

  • Students may enroll in up to 2 Dual Enrollment courses each semester.


Students may take college courses that meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Courses that are Academic in Nature (Ex.English, Math, Science, or Social Studies based)
  • Courses that go Above and Beyond what is offered at FlexTech
    • In other words, the course must be one that is not offered at FlexTech OR a course the student has already taken at the high school level (For example, a student would only be eligible to take a Biology course at the college level if he or she already took the Biology course offered at FlexTech)


What Type of Courses Should Dual Enrolled Students Take?

Typically, Dual Enrolled students will take classes under one of several circumstances:

  1. Students will take classes to more deeply explore a specific area of academic interest
  2. Students will take classes to work towards a specific Associate’s Degree--that they can then complete upon high school graduation
  3. Students will take classes to work towards satisfying the Michigan Transfer Agreement--a specific set of courses taken at a community college that can transfer to a university to satisfy prerequisite credits


Grading Policy:

    • Grades earned in Dual Enrollment courses will be used towards High School GPA calculations
    • Passing Grades below a “C” will be given a “P” or passing grade on the high school transcript
    • Failing Grades  will be given an “I” or incomplete grade on the high school transcript
      • Failing a class or earning below a 2.0 in a class automatically makes a student ineligible for future Dual Enrollment courses
  • If a student fails or does not finish a class, the student’s family is responsible for reimbursing FlexTech  for the tuition paid by the school.
  • Students who withdraw from a Dual-Enrollment class by the drop/add deadline will be required to participate in academic counseling prior to enrolling in another Dual Enrollment course and may be subject to additional guidelines if enrolling in another Dual Enrollment course to help promote future success.
  • Students who withdraw from a Dual-Enrollment class after the drop/add deadline may not be eligible for future dual enrollment courses and must meet with an academic counselor to determine next steps to ensure the student continues to stay on track for graduation. 
    • The student’s family is responsible for reimbursing FlexTech  for the tuition paid by the school if dropped after the drop deadline.


High School Credit Policy:

  • Dual Enrollment classes will count towards either 0.5 or 1.0 high school credit, as determined by FlexTech High School.
  • The majority of Dual Enrollment classes count towards high school elective credit with the exception of english and math classes above and beyond what is offered at FlexTech (Other exceptions may exist, but will be determined on a case-by-case basis)




FlexTech High School will pay up to $800 per course towards any qualifying Dual Enrollment course tuition.

  • If the cost of a course exceeds $800, the student’s family will be responsible for paying the remaining balance

The Dual Enrollment Process


Qualifying students interested in Dual Enrollment should adhere to the following process:


  1. Express interest by talking to your Advisor or Counselor


  1. Apply as a Dual Enrolled student at the institution of your choice* 

*Schoolcraft College  is strongly recommended, but not required


  1. Meet with the school counselor to discuss Dual Enrollment opportunities and goals

Dual Enrollment is a big responsibility and we want to ensure that all students are prepared and know what to 

expect from the process. Counseling is a critical part of this decision-making process. 


  1. Complete Dual Enrollment permission and payment paperwork required by the college


  1. Complete Dual Enrollment permission and payment paperwork required by FlexTech


  1. Complete testing and orientation as required by the college


  1. Visit student services at the college to register for your class(es)

Academic advisors at the college are best equipped to help students make decisions about classes to enroll in. 

High school personnel are not experts in the specific classes and opportunities available at individual colleges.


  1. Show your high school counselor proof of registration


  1. Upon completion of the class, provide your high school counselor with a transcript of grades earned


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