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Back to School!

Mandatory Back to School Paper Work

OFT 2020-21 School Year Welcome Pack

Below is a list of sheets that are included in your Welcome Pack. Some are included for your information and others need to be emailed or mailed to school prior to 

September 7, 2020. Please read each carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

Forms that Must be Completed & Returned

  • Document Receipt & Understanding Affirmation
  • Cell Phone Use Agreement
  • Concussion Facts Sheet

Forms for Your Information and/or to Return if Applicable to Your Student 

  • 2020-21 School Calendar 
  • Staff Email Contact List
  • Technology Equipment Use Agreement
  • Network and Internet Acceptable Use Agreement
  • Open Campus Permission (Your student DOES NOT HAVE PERMISSION to leave the building during lunch until this form is filled out and returned)
  • 2020-21 Schedule and Attendance Policy
  • Authorization for Non-Prescribed Medication or Treatment (fill out if student has any over-the-counter medications they need during the school day)
  • Permission for Prescribed Medication at School (for prescription medication that needs to be taken during the school day and will be kept in the office & distributed to student by staff)
  • Alma Now Instructions (how to download our student information system, Alma, to your smart phone)
  • FlexForce Parent Group Info
  • Picture Day/Student ID Information (Will be emailed & added when available)
  • Application to Drive Vehicles on School Property (Needs to be returned if your student will be driving themselves to school)
  • Directory Information Opt Out Form
  • Remind sign up- Sign up for updates on school closings and other important school information
Email completed forms to