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Student Spotlight!

Anissa Lea is an American-Italian singer/ songwriter from Detroit, Michigan, who captivates her listeners with heartfelt original songs and soulful renditions of classic standards.

​In addition to Anissa's musical influence on Rhythm & Blues and Jazz performers, her inspiration also includes Motown and other Popular groups from the era. This is demonstrated by her soulful renditions of Can't Take My Eyes Off You, The Four Seasons, This Magic Moment, The Drifters, Be My Baby, The Ronettes, and Remember Walking In The Sand, The Shangri-Las among others.

​​Anissa said, "I only wish to sing and write songs that resonate with me. A song should move your soul to a place that only music can." Like the break-out original, Trapped Inside, based on Anissa's own experience. The song has already become a favorite among listeners.

Anissa plans to stay true to herself and always be relatable to her fans throughout her music career. She completed her self-titled debut album, Anissa Lea. An eclectic mix of classic standards. Followed by her sophomore album of original smooth jazz and adult contemporary songs coming soon.

Anissa continues to be a featured talent with appearances and performances both locally and nationally. This includes the public and private sectors, such as festivals, charities, concerts, and special events.